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Here at Hotel Brasilito we have a variety of different room types. If you would like a more detailed description of the prices please view our Rates Page.

Ocean Front Room at Hotel Brasilito
1. Ocean Front Room with Balcony: $59.00-$120.00. Our ocean front rooms allow you to enjoy the comfort of watching the sunset from your balcony. These rooms come with air conditioning, screened windows, and ceiling fans. We provied tables and chairs for the balcony. Hammocks are also available. The Ocean Front Rooms are the most popular and book the fastest so book now to secure this room.
Family Sized Room at Hotel Brasilito
2. Family-Sized Rooms: $74.00-$110.00. We have two family sized rooms for large families or big groups. These rooms include two double beds and one single bed. These rooms also include ac, a ceiling fan, and screened windows.
Standard Room at Hotel Brasilito
3. Standard Room with Air Conditioning: $44.00-$90.00. Our Standard Rooms come with 1-2 double beds. They all come with ceiling fans along with ac, and have screened windows.
Budget Room at Hotel Brasilito
4. Budget Room without Air Conditioning: $25.00-$70.00. Our Budget Rooms without air conditioning are the most budgetable option. Each comes with 1-2 double beds. They all come with ceiling fans and have screened windows.